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Machine ID’d: Nardini MS-1440 E Metal Lathe Labeled Clausing

We identified this Nardini MS-1440 E Metal Lathe after receiving some pictures from a gentleman that said his Nardini lathe had an original Clausing label on it. This was the first Nardini metal lathe we had seen with such a label. We knew Clausing became a reseller of foreign machines, like the Colchester lathes.We see lots of machines sold under different names and labels. JET Tools sold a 1550 that was similar to a Clausing. 
The Nardini 14×40 lathes appear to be the most popular size that are still being used today. They are well built machines manufactured in Brazil as you can see by their flag on the picture below. Every owner I’ve talked to about them has always enjoyed the build and quality. REM sales used to import these lathes and had parts available, but they are no longer supporting them. Feel free to comment below, if you know of a parts supplier. We receive request every month for parts for Nardini.

Sometimes it is difficult for people to figure out which Nardini lathe manual goes with their lathe, because they made a lot of variations in sizes and options that are covered in each manual, and it isn’t possible to label each one in the title. The manual below is the one for this lathe, but it can be hard to tell from the title alone.

The best way to narrow it down is look for the letters distinguishing the series. We’ve added pictures and diagrams of in the descriptions of the manuals to compare them to your lathe. The most important thing to do is compare the knob and handle configurations on the headstock. If you are ever unsure as to which Nardini manual matches your lathe, feel free to email us pictures.

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7 thoughts on “Machine ID’d: Nardini MS-1440 E Metal Lathe Labeled Clausing

  1. I need a manual for a 1440 Nardini lathe that I just purchased. Wiring schematics and operating instructions are what we need. What are my options?

    Portland, Oregon

  2. Greg, the manual we have here has the wiring schematics and operating instructions in it.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Need oil level sight glass for a 14/40 nardini mascote lathe the threads appear to be a 1 inch with 14 threads per inch

  4. Where can you get parts for a Nardini MS1440 E lathe?

    1. We wrote an article about David with HMS Hove Machine Services here. They are in Canada. I haven’t found a US supplier. Here is their website Tell him Ozark Tool Manuals mentioned you.

  5. I need it for a nardini nd 1760.

    1. I believe the manual at the following link would cover your Nardini:

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