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Nardini TT-1230 E Metal Lathe

A gentleman contacted us from Canada about this green Nardini TT-1230 E Turn-Tru metal lathe. He just got it, and was needing some wiring diagrams. We had just the manual he needed for the Nardini TT-1230E with the wiring and parts diagrams. More information on it is below. The Nardini TT-1230 E  has a 12″ swing with an 8″ swing over the cross slide. The spindle bore 1 3/8″ with a D1-3 Camlock spindle nose. Maximum spindle speed is 2,000 RPMs. The tailstock has a #3 MT. In 1986 the Nardini TT-1230E sold for $4,795, which is the equivalent to $10,493.13 today.




 Here’s a video of a similar machine:







 Owner’s Operator Instructions and Parts Manual

We carry a instructions and parts manual for this Nardini TT-1230 E at the link below. Nardini manuals are put together very well with all the information you would expect. It has the standard operating instructions with the maintenance and lubrication chart. The manual contains the wiring diagrams and information about making adjustments. The parts diagrams are all explosive view, and show the parts very clearly. This manual covers the TT-1020, TT-1030, TT-1220, TT-1230, TT-125 and TT-150 Turn Tru series.


NARDINI TT-1000, 1200, 125, 150 Operator’s Part Manual

Click on image of manual cover above.


We carry a lot of Nardini metal lathe manuals. If you have any questions about Nardini metal lathes, feel free to comment below or contact us.

5 thoughts on “Nardini TT-1230 E Metal Lathe

  1. Nardini’s are great lathes!

  2. Mike Jeffres, have you ever operated one?

    1. Yep. Ran a couple of them when I worked at Holloway. They are very user friendly and can take a beating. I believe that they are/were made in Brazil?

    2. Yes, they were founded in 1908 in Brazil. They started out making farming and textile equipment. They gone through some bankruptcy problems recently, but they still sell metal lathes today. I’m actually writing up an entire history of them. I’ll have it out soon.

  3. Also, I started a group you might be interested in called Old Metalworking Machines

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