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Machine ID’d: Rockwell-Delta 20″ Wood Band Saw 28-350

¬†This gentleman emailed us about a Rockwell 20″ wood band saw that he wasn’t sure what model it was or much about it. This band saw was made around 1957 according to it serial number. Labeled with Rockwell Manufacturing Co.- Delta Power Tools Division. A lot of the machines that Rockwell-Delta made during this time didn’t have model or catalog numbers posted on them. This band saw is a catalog number 28-350, and the standard blade length was 144″.

Originally Sold:
This 28-350 band saw with the basic package was sold for $519.75 in 1957, which is equivalent to $4,413.95 today. Here is the original catalog page:

Instructions and Parts Manual:

We have a printed instructions and parts owner’s manual for the 28-350 and similar 20″ Rockwell-Delta band saws available at the link below. It covers a lot of the specifications of the band saw, and explains what kind of motors Rockwell recommends as well as how to properly install the motor and make adjustments. It also contains operating instructions, adjusting the table, blade tracking, and blade tension for this band saw with explosive view diagrams of all the parts.


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