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This is My Machine. There Are Other Machines Like it But This One is Mine

This is My Machine
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My Machine by Pat Holbrooke

Found this at the Missouri History Museum in St. Louis. This poster was illustrated by Pat Holbrooke in 1944. It was in the section displaying the war effort and actions taken in St. Louis and Missouri during the time. I have a lot of respect for the veterans of WWII. My father is even a Vietnam veteran.

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It would have been impossible to win the war without the machinist making weaponry and machinery for our brave soldiers.

 My Machine . . .

This is my machine. Mine!

There are other machines but this one is mine.

It is a part of me – I am a part of it.

We are one.

Together we are forging the weapons of Victory –

Weapons that will strike the shackles from men who would be free-

As I am free!

With thy help, O Lord, I will bring forth the most and the best

That is possible from my machine.

It multiples the power of my hands – when my hands are on the job.

It does true work –  when my brain is alert to control it.

It does not falter – unless I falter.

It does not stop – unless I forget.

In the lands of my enemies, slaves, under the whip,

Labor at machines.

But I am free!

I abide by my machine of my own free will.

No man is my master – no man my slave.

And this way is best.

It is!

By unfaltering example we shall prove it is best –

My machine and I.

By argosies of ships and tanks and planes,

In the only language the enemy understands,

We shall prove it.

This is our pledge – mine and my machine’s –

Till Freedom’s light comes on again.

Thank you to our veterans and people in service today.


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