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Hi, I’m Ray. I’ve been in the woodworking business for over forty years. Twenty years ago, I decided to go into metalworking as well, in order to make the machinery and jigs that my woodworking required.

Since then, I’ve accumulated many different machines, along with their manuals. As a self-taught craftsman, I’ve frequently needed manuals and books to help myself set up or operate complicated machines. That is why I started this service with my family- to make hard-to-find manuals easier for other craftsmen to obtain. I wanted to make the best quality, printed manuals to work with in a shop. After all, I remember the day when they didn’t even have computers.

We do More than Sell Manuals

My son and I do metal and woodworking in our shop. We make some of the smallest inlay in the world. The duck call pictured has over 1,117 individual pieces of wood in it. You can learn more about our shop on our About Us page, or Ozarkwoodworker.com.

We also try to help others identify their machines, and share some of the knowledge we’ve received over the years of experience with rebuilding machines for our shop. That is why we started Ozark Shop Talk Blog to give back to the many people that have helped us learn. We are self-taught machinist and woodworkers, and we had to use the How-To Books, and information in the manuals to learn ourselves.

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