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Machine ID’d: Walker Turner 16″ Band Saw Model MCB1160

Below are some pictures of a Walker Turner 16″ band saw. The gentleman received the band saw without a manual, and the plastic knob on the upper wheel adjustment assembly was broken. He didn’t know which model his band saw was, because Walker Turner didn’t put the model number on the name plate. It only had the serial number as 52BF4A.

According to this serial number we can tell that this is a Walker Turner 16″ Band Saw is a model MCB1160 that was made in the early 50’s. In 1950 the second letter of the serial number indicated which model it was. The “F” stands for model MCB1160. We have an instructions and parts manual listed below, and as for my recommendation on replacing the handwheel, I recommend using Grizzly. They have lots of handwheels at different sizes that can be modified to fit your machines. Here’s a link to them Grizzly Handwheels.


Original Catalog Listing from 1950:

The MCB1160 band saw originally sold for $447.50 in 1950. That’s the equivalent to $4,431.14 in today’s money.

Instructions and Parts Manual for Walker Turner 16″ MCB1160 Band Saw:

We have the manual which covers this band saw and the MCB1150 & MCB1151 band saws. It’s a pretty good manual for it’s age. It contains the specifications for these band saws included the recommended motor and blade sizes. The manual covers the general operating instructions as well as instructions for adjusting the blades and tension. There are lubricating instructions and explosive view diagrams of all the parts with parts descriptions.

WALKER-TURNER 1160-1150-1151 16″ Band Saws Operator & Parts Manual



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