Machine ID’d: Homecraft-Delta 16″ Scroll-Jig Saw Model 40-110

Here are some images of a machine we were able to identify as a Homecraft- Delta 16″ Scroll Saw model 40-110. This scroll saw has Homecraft, Delta Manufacturing Division and Rockwell Manufacturing on the tag. These scroll saws were made and sold during in the late 40’s through the 50’s. These cast iron scroll saws were built to last and we’ve see lots of them still in use.



Below is a page from a 1953 Delta Homecraft catalog. This scroll saw sold for $43.50 that year, which is equivalent to $379.54 today.



We have two manuals that would cover and be helpful with this scroll saw. We have the owner’s manual with the operating instructions and parts diagrams for the Homecraft 40-110 scroll saw here:




We also have a called “Getting the Most Out of Your Band Saw and Scroll Saw.” This is part of a whole of books that Delta did on different woodworking machines that I really like. They have a lot of tips and tricks. They made a series of 6 different books to cover different types of machines.


The manual for this scroll is actually pretty informative on setting up the blades. You can use quite a variety inserts you can use depending on the type of work you are doing. You can use saber blades, jewelers blades, files, etc… The manual explains what adjustments and maintenance to check as well.





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6 thoughts on “Machine ID’d: Homecraft-Delta 16″ Scroll-Jig Saw Model 40-110

  1. I have acquired a scroll saw Model 40-110 which I believe is the 16 inch that was manufactured by Rockwell. My problem is replacing the blade which I am not able to find. Could you possibly advise me as to the correct replacement

    • That scroll saw has clamp downs for the blades. So, pretty much any standard blade should work, but which one to get depends on what kind of cutting you are planning to do. Most of the blades at this link would work, Woodcraft Scroll Saw Blades.

      I would HIGHLY recommend purchasing the two manuals shown above, because they both provide information on the choosing the correct type of blade for the job.

      The specific manual for the 40-110 covers all kinds of different blades that fit that particular scroll saw, and shows how to mount files. Plus, it covers maintenance and the parts.

      The green covered Delta book covers how to perform all kinds of different jobs and operations on a scroll saw, and explains the different blades and tooling to perform them.


  2. I just got a saw and it says Rockwell Delta Milwaukee Homecraft Model 40-110 serial aj6334 can anyone tell me the year and what is it worth

    • Hi Gary, Your 40-110 was made in 1953. Value depends a lot on where you are located and condition. One in the condition pictured above could go as low as $50.

  3. On hold now with Delta Hotline trying to info on my scroll saw. I can’t find a model # but the sn is 0-1520. Can you tell me anything about this saw?

    • Hi Doug,

      Sometimes Delta serial numbers aren’t always exactly right. I believe you might be missing a digit or letter, or it could be made before 1940. There isn’t really a way to identify the type of scroll saw you have by the serial number alone. We have manuals for the popular Delta Scroll Saws here: Delta-Rockwell Scroll Saw Manuals. Or if you can either send us some pictures or more information. I would be happy to help.

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