Machine ID’d: Atlas Press Company Model 1010 12 3/4″ Bench Top Drill Press


Here are some pictures of a nice Atlas 1010 12 3/4″ bench top drill press. This particular drill press has serial number 000355. These drill press models were made in the early 1950’s.







We have manuals for a few different Atlas drill presses, and we have a manual for the 1010 drill press here:
The Atlas Press Co. 12 3/4″ drill press model 1010 sold for $74.50 in 1950, which is equivalent to $720.48 today. Here is a page on the model 1010 drill press from a 1950 Atlas Press Co. catalog.

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4 thoughts on “Machine ID’d: Atlas Press Company Model 1010 12 3/4″ Bench Top Drill Press

  1. I just purchased an Atlas DP Model 1010, serial number 002258. Very lightly used; it was a retiree’s fathers drill. He hated to part with it, due to sentimental reasons, not because he used it much. Purrs like a kitten. I have a shop full of tools, but his guy is my friend. I am interested in purchasing the optional “safety shield” that covers the exposed belt drive. And the original attached worklight. An LED substitute, though safer and higher quality light, seems incongruous for a drill press that looks exactly like 1951.

  2. I have a Atlas model 1010 , serial # 9344 that came out of my grandfathers machine shop. It still works great. I however managed to break it. The arm to move the drill up and down was getting stiff, so I looked for a lubrication port. I noticed a cap on the other side of the unit and pulled it off. It looks as though there should be a grease in there , it is dry. What type grease? Beyond that, the cap has a wound spring on it, how do you get the cap back on?

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