Bench Top Vs Floor Standing Drill Presses

Drill Press Articles (Part 2 of 5)

Bench Top Vs Floor Standing Drill Presses

Let’s discuss the different styles of drill presses. There are bench and floor versions of nearly every large drill press model. Mechanically they are the same, and most manuals include both versions. Usually the only real difference between the two versions is the length of the column and the size of the base. Sometimes the floor model will have a bigger column, but I’ve found this to be very rare.

The advantage to a floor standing model is obvious. If you have to drill or mortise the end of a really long piece of material you can, but unless you get into cabinet or furniture making, this usually isn’t necessary. I have both in my shop, and I use the benchtop version 90% of the time. Plus, I set it on a cabinet with all my bits and tools easily accessible underneath. Both bench and floor are usually contained in one manual like these two Rockwell drill presses are covered in the same manual here, and as you can see their heads are identical. Each one has their own place and advantages.


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The next article will be on the differences between step-pulley and variable speed drill presses, and the advantages and disadvantages of both.

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