Over a 1,000 different machine manuals and books available
Over a 1,000 different machine manuals and books available

HARDINGE Second Operation 5C Collets, Step Chucks Tooling Work Holding Techniques Manual

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This is a reproduction, not a photocopy, of an original Hardinge Second Operation Work Holding Techniques manual.  The purpose of this manual is to familiarize you with many different workholding techniques for Hardinge 5C Spindle Tooling.


The first section is on more complicated off-the-spindle round holding fixtures, and covers concepts on holding rough or irregular shaped parts for secondary operations.


The next section illustrates the use of standard and special 5C collets, along with methods for Dead Length Control.

Then it covers the use of the 5C Step Chuck for medium to large diameter work. How to make dead length pin step chuck assembly for large diameter work.


The last section covers the Master Expanding Collets and the spindle nose mounted expanding collets.



I have collected this information for many years and have found the information they contain to be priceless in using and setting up the machines properly. I believe this manual will be a valuable resource of knowledge that will provide a lot of helpful information that is often hard to find. My manuals are not photocopies. I maintain a high standard of quality in my reproductions. Most of the manuals I reproduce look better than their originals. I have professionally digitally edited every page, and removed stains, wrinkles and handwriting. All of the manuals are printed on thick white paper to withstand shop wear and tear.


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