Metal Lathe for Home Machinists Book


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This is a brand new original Metal Lathe for Home Machinists Book.


This book is part of our Workshop Machinists Series that we started carrying, because we found them helpful in our shop. We have the entire collection in our library and found that many of our customers found them useful too.


In the Metal Lathe for Home Machinists book you will discover valuable tips, and get useful pointers on things like screw cutting, face-plate attachments, the correct way to center your work, and how to hold oddly shaped materials.


The Metal Lathe for Home Machinists book has lots of pictures and diagrams to walk you through the process of using a lathe in your shop from beginning to end in plain English. As you complete each project your skill level and knowledge will increase as you build a series of useful accessories for your lathe. This provides a lot of useful tooling and techniques even for advanced or more skilled lathe owners, but this book does not assume you have prior knowledge.


You will not only receive a training manual on the use of a metal lathe in your shop, but you will get a practical instruction guide on how to apply that knowledge. I highly recommend the Basic Lathework for Home Machinist book, that we carry, to read first to set up and familiarize yourself with your lathe. It’s also a good reference manual and a good refresher for anyone.

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Metal Lathe Home Machinists Book
Metal Lathe for Home Machinists Book

Metal Lathe for Home Machinists Book
Metal Lathe for Home Machinists Book


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