Over a 1,000 different machine manuals and books available
Over a 1,000 different machine manuals and books available

V-Belt 1/2″ x 1ft Link Type A/4L BDH DuroDrive Replacement Belts

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Minimum Order: 3ft

The BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belt is a high-performance linking V-belt that reduces vibration on tools and machines, and easier to replace than conventional v-belts. It can replace the standard V-belt to any length without having to take the machine apart. What’s more, you can easily add or subtract links to get optimal tension on almost any machine.


Type: A/4L 1/2″ Wide Link V-Belt

durodrive link v-belts drill mill

Check out the features why professionals and craftsman choose BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts over others.

Product Features

  • Easy to install, quick to replace for conventional V-belt
  • Made of interlocking segments of micro-milled urethane
  • Virtually no transmitted vibration which results in smoother, cleaner cuts and finishes.
  • Stronger and outlast conventional rubber belts in tough environmental conditions.
  • Easy to install without disassembling spindles or idler systems
  • Make any length by hand in seconds without tools or welders.
  • typically non marking
  • Resistant to extremes of temperature, water, oils, grease, and common industrial chemicals
  • BDH is the ONLY TOTALLY U.S. owned manufacturer of Link-V-Belting.



See why BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts may be the perfect belts for your application!


High Performance and Quality
BDH DuroDrive cannot be outperformed! BDH DuroDrive sets the standard for link V-belt durability and longevity. Link v-belts wear better than conventional v-belts. BDH is the only totally U.S. owned manufacturer of link-v-belts. They’re made of a custom-designed, premium micro-milled urethane composite, BDH DuroDrive V-belts won’t fail you when others may. Other brands don’t come close. The result is less downtime, more productivity, and reduced maintenance costs.
Durodrive link v-belt drill milling machine
Save Money with Less Inventory
The right belt at the right time! Instead of trying to carry all the different V-belt sizes you might need, with BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts , you will save space by only stocking the most common cross sections. You will also reduce the money you have tied up in your replacement V-belts inventory and still have instant availability.
durodrive link belts metal lathe spindle
Reduce Conducted Vibrations.
All traditional V-belts with a continuous internal single tension cord transmit vibrations from the motor to other components of the machine; these vibrations can cause decrease machine tolerances and can shorten bearing life. The segmented twist-lock design of BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts actually dampens vibrations. Vibration may enter a single link but it cannot be conducted because there is no continuous cord tension. Save your bearings and your machine – get BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts today!
durodrive link v-belts table saw

BDH DuroDrive Link V-Belts are ideal for:

  • Metal and Wood Lathes.
  • Milling Machines
  • Drill Mills
  • Drill Presses
  • Shapers
  • Jointers
  • Band Saws
  • Table Saws
  • HVAC
  • The need to replace v-belts is  endless.
I recommend these belts over Fenner PowerTwist and Jason Industrial Accu-Link belts.




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