Machine Catalog PDF Downloads

  • These FREE PDF downloads of machine catalogs can help you learn more about your machines and tools, and possibly help you identify them. We have lots of instructions and parts manuals for these machines. If you need any help identifying your machine for a manual, please feel free to submit your machine information with pictures on our Contact Us page.
  • We also share different machines on our Ozark Shop Talk Blog, and display machines that we identify with any addition information we can find. These free pdf catalog downloads can also help you see what kind of accessories were available for your machine and machine specifications.
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American 1935 Catalog No. 5

American 1961 16″ Catalog No. 910-C

American 1961 20″ Catalog No. 910-D

Atlas 1943 Drill Presses
Catalog No. D48

Atlas 1954 Catalog No. 54

Atlas 1954 Woodworking
Catalog No. W55

Buffalo No. 14 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 15 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 16 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 18 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 20 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 21 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 22 Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo RPMster B Drill
1966 Bulletin

Buffalo No. 15 & 18 Drills
1990 Bulletin

Champion Blower & Forge Catalog

Cincinnati 1926 Catalog

Cincinnati 1947 Monoset Grinder Catalog

Cincinnati 1948 2ML & 2MI Mills Catalog

Cincinnati 1951 No. 2 Grinder Catalog

Cincinnati 1959 No. 2 Grinder Catalog

Cincinnati 1959 Toolmaster Catalog

Cincinnati 1967 No. 2 Grinder Catalog

Clausing 1958 Catalog

Clausing Mill 1961 Bulletin

Clausing Mill 1963 Bulletin

Clausing Colchester
Lathes 1963 Catalog

Clausing Colchester
Lathes 1965 Catalog

Colchester Student 1800
Lathes 1984 Bulletin

Colchester Mascot 1500
Lathes 1985 Bulletin

Colchester Triumph
VS 2500 Lathes 1989 Bulletin

Colchester Mastiff 1400
Lathes 1990 Bulletin

Delta 1936 Catalog M-3

Delta 1953 Catalog B-52

Delta Rockwell Homecraft
1957 Catalog

Rockwell 1962 Metal Catalog

Rockwell 1964 Metal Catalog

Rockwell Industrial Machines
1964 Catalog Suppl AB-63

Rockwell Industrial Machines
1969 Catalog Part I

Rockwell Industrial Machines
1969 Catalog Part II

Hardinge Cataract Lathes
Bulletin No. 18 1919

Hardinge TL Lathe
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge TR59 Lathe
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge ESM Lathe
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge SM Lathe
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge TM & UM Mills
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge BB4 Mill
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge BB2V Mill
Bulletin 1939

Hardinge 1939 Price List

Hardinge Indexing Fixtures

Hardinge Collets Bulletin

Hardinge SJOGREN Speed
Collet Chuck Bulletin

Hardinge HLV Lathe
1955 Catalog

Hardinge General Catalog

Hardinge 1981 Catalog

Hardinge Mill Tooling
Bulletin 1982

Hardinge Carbide Cutting Tools Catalog

JET Tools 1978 Catalog

JET Tools 1979 Catalog

JET Tools 1982 Catalog

JET Tools 1994 Catalog

LeBlond Regal 1954 Catalog

LeBlond Regal 1964 Catalog

LeBlond Regal 1964
Lathe Attachments Catalog

LeBlond Regal 1979 Catalog

Logan 1968 Catalog

Logan Catalog

Master Machine Tools Catalog

Nardini Lathes &
Radial Drills Catalog

Nardini TurnTru Lathes Bulletin

Parks Machines Catalog

Powermatic 1965 Catalog

Powermatic Burke Mills
1975 Catalog

Powermatic 1980 Catalog

Powermatic 1991 Catalog

Montgomery Wards
Powr-Kraft 1954-55 Catalog

Pratt & Whitney Model C
Lathe 1956 Catalog

Sebastian Machines 1943 Catalog

Sheldon 1944 Catalog G-44

Sheldon 1950 Catalog

Sheldon 1960 Catalog

Sheldon 1961 Catalog

Sheldon 1963 Catalog

Solberga SE 2025
Gear Head Drill Bulletin

South Bend 9″ Workshop Lathes
1937 Catalog 15-Y

South Bend 9″ Lathes
1947 Catalog

South Bend 1947 Catalog 100G

South Bend Lathe Attachments
1949 Catalog

South Bend 9″ Lathes
1950 Catalog

South Bend 1966 Catalog 6601

Square D Wiring Diagrams

Standard Modern
11″ 1120 Lathe Bulletin

Standard Modern
13″ 1334 Lathe Bulletin

Standard Modern
13″ 1340 Lathe Bulletin

Standard Modern
16″ 1600 Lathe Bulletin

Standard Modern
17.5″ 1754 Lathe Bulletin

Burke 333 Mill
1963 Bulletin

Burke Millrite 1963 Bulletin

Powermatic Burke Mills
1975 Catalog

Walker Turner 1942

Walker Turner 1961
Catalog WT-50 Rev. 4

We will continue to add new pdf catalog downloads from different machine manufactures. So check back, and free to contact us if you are looking for something specific. We would like to hear your feedback about how these pdf downloads worked out for you. Don’t forget to check out all of our instructions and parts manuals for different machines. We are always adding new machinery manuals.